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Our Story

Summer Girls

Paradise Possible

Hula Hut Spirits is a globally inspired lifestyle brand based on the philosophy that natural and fresh is best. We are dedicated to producing clean spirits with all natural ingredients. It's a heavenly slice of tropical paradise!

After years of bartending, owning my own restaurant, and designing others, I returned to Montauk. In a seasonal resort town you have to be creative and resourceful. So I purchased a Chevy pick up with an extended bed. I converted it to a mobile tiki bar with a Palapa thatch above a tiki bar top where I displayed and served my infused cocktail creations at private events. Both sides of my traveling tiki bar read "Hula Hut, Have Tiki Will Travel." It was the first mobile tiki bar to hit Montauk and the Hamptons on the east end of Long Island. Before long my exotic infusions were a hit!


After much encouragement from clients and friends decided to take it to the next level. I leased a portion of a gravel parking lot on a marina in Montauk, NY. After two and half long and arduous years of navigating through the town and county permitting processes, I was finally able to open.


Lynn's Hula Hut is an office trailer turned tiki bar shrouded in bamboo and surrounded by white sand and palm trees. Around back is a magical spot referred to by locals as the Zen Den where a peaceful Buddha greets you as you enter. Fresh herbs such as basil, mint, lavender, and rosemary are planted every season and used in handcrafted syrups, fresh purées, and our signature cocktails. Infusion jars behind the bar contain spirits infused with fresh fruits, and trade secret spices. Three of my top selling infusions are now bottled and can be enjoyed all year long. Lynn's Hula Hut is now a popular destination attracting locals as well as visitors from all over the globe.


In 2016 I released my first cocktail book, "Tiki with a Twist," published by Sterling Epicure.


Lynn's Hula Hut, my book, and my naturally infused spirits have been featured in several publications online and in print. For years patrons have said, "you need to bottle these." And so I finally did.


"Be yourself... everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde


For years patrons have said, "you need to bottle these." And so I finally did.


My name is Lynn Calvo

As a June baby, my favorite season is summer. I’m the proud daughter of a lobsterman and a hard-working mom. I was raised in a very close-knit Italian and Spanish family. At the tender age of six, with my loving grandmother by my side, an old-school juicer, and a bag of lemons, I opened “Lynn’s Lemonade Stand.” My business attire was a Hawaiian grass skirt and an orange lei. Once a hula girl, always a hula girl! Although I was missing a few teeth I was smiling the entire time.


Years later I began bartending in Montauk during the summers and traveling to exotic tropical locales around the globe in the winter.I always seemed to gravitate toward remote villages off the beaten path where I met locals and developed a taste for exotic flavors. I would seek out tiny roadside stands for the freshest ingredients.


Experimenting with unique flavor combinations has always been a passion of mine. My family, the vibrant people I’ve met, and the beautiful cultures I’ve experienced along the way have been a huge inspiration in creating Hula Hut Spirits and who I am today.

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