Hukilau Lemonade


-2oz. Hukilau Vodka

-2oz fresh lemonade

-2oz water 

-lemon wheel

-brown sugar

-fresh thyme sprig


Add Vodka, Lemonade, & water to a shaker with ice.

Shake briefly 

Rim the edge of a highball glass or large Brandy glass with brown sugar.

Fill glass with ice

Strain contents of shaker into the glass.

Add fresh thyme and lemon wheel as a garnish.

Blueberry Alamode


-2 1/2 Oz Tahitian Vodka

-6-8 fresh blueberries

- 1 lime wedge

- mint sprig 

Muddle blueberries & lime 

Add ice 

Add Vodka 

Shake & Strain over rocks glass with fresh ice.

Garnish with mint & Serve!!

Singapore Spring


- 2oz Hukilau Vodka

- 3 cucumber slices

-1 lime wedge

-dash pineapple juice

- pineapple wedge for garnish 


Muddle cucumber & lime in a shaker

Add ice 

Add Vodka

Dash of pineapple juice

Shake & Strain over ice 

Into a rocks glass

Cut a slit into the point of the pineapple wedge and add to rim of glass.

The Gaugin


- 2oz Hukilau Vodka

-6oz Coconut water

-1 lime wedge


Fill coconut cup or a 12oz glass with ice.

Add Vodka, Coconut water, lime & serve!!

Hula Juice Cocktail


-2oz Hula Juice Spiced coconut rum 

-fresh pineapple juice

- lime wedge 

-Edible Orchid


Fill a 12oz glass with ice 

Add Vodka

Pineapple Juice 

Lime wedge & Orchid & serve!!

Tahitian Chocolate Martini

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 5.36.30 PM.png

-2oz  Tahitian Vodka

-1 1/4oz Dark creme de cocoa

-3 fresh raspberries 


Chill a martini glass

Add Vodka, & dark creme de cocoa to a shaker with ice.

Shake vigorously & strain into chilled glass.

Skewer raspberries onto bamboo cocktail sword as a garnish.

The Surf


-2oz Tahitian Vodka

-2oz mango nectar

-2oz Lemonade 

- fresh mango slice


Fill a 12oz glass with ice

Add Vodka, mango nectar & lemonade.

Garnish with fresh mango slice.

Ginger Island Bloody


-2oz Hukilau Vodka

-5oz tomato juice -1/4oz fresh lemon juice

-black pepper 

-fresh dill 

- candied ginger for garnish


Add Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice &, black pepper to shaker with ice.

Shake and strain into tall glass of ice.

Add fresh dill & candied ginger skewer as a garnish & serve!!

Lynn's Lotta Colada


-1 1/2oz Hula Juice Rum

-1/4oz hazelnut Liquour 

-1/4oz dark creme de cocoa 

- 3oz coco Lopez 

-3oz pineapple juice

-(whipped cream optional)


Add all ingredients into a blender with 2cups of ice 

Blend on high until smooth & serve in a 16oz glass.

Serve with a stainless steel or bamboo straw!!